Dear tourists, we are glad to offer you the Grand Italy Tour. This tour lasts for 12 days, during which you will have the opportunity to explore various regions of Italy. The tour is designed for groups of up to 8 people.

The tour program:

Day 1: Meeting at Rome Airport, transfer to the hotel in Rome. Free time

Day 2: 4-hour city tour in Rome by car. Free time

Day 3: Leaving Rome to Naples, city tour in Naples, coming back to Rome

Day 4: Transfer from Rome to Florence. Arrival at Florence. Free time

Day 5: 3-hour city tour in Florence. Field trip to Pisa in the second half of the day. Coming back to Florence. Free time.

Day 6: Transfer to the town of Siena, a 2-hour city tour in Siena. Transfer to the winery, lunch and wine degustation at the winery, transfer to San Gimignano, a stroll in San Gimignano; degustation of sausages, wild boar prosciutto, and wonderful Tuscan cheese. Coming back to Florence.

Day 7: Transfer from Florence to Verona. 2-hour city tour in Verona. Free time.

Day 8: Transfer from Verona to Venice. Free time.

Day 9: 3-hour city tour in Venice. Free time.

Day 10: Transfer from Venice to Milan. Free time.

Day 11: 2-hour city tour in Milan. Free time.

Day 12: Transfer from the hotel to the Milan Airport

The tour price includes: transportation between the indicated points, tour guide services in the cities indicated in the program. The tour price does not include: accommodation at the hotels, lunches, dinners, and degustations, museum tickets, flight tickets. We don’t provide accommodation at hotels. The tourists should book the hotels independently, according to their preferences and financial means. This program can be changed if the tourists wish so. If you wish, an individual tour program can be organized based on your preferences.

The details of the meeting schedule at the Rome Airport, departure time from Rome, Florence, Verona, Venice, and Milan is agreed on with tourists.