Visiting the Strozzi family

The Strozzi Family is one of the most ancient and noble families of Tuscany. You can meet and talk to the members of one of the most famous families of Florence, the history of which goes back to the Middle Ages. You will see the museum of the family and the ancient cellars which are used to store wine produced by the Strozzi family. After that, you can taste these wonderful wines. For those who would like to get to know the family and have lunch at their home, that is possible. The family members speak fluent Russian, English, French, and Italian, therefore it is possible to talk to them directly, without a translator or a tour guide.

Things to enjoy during this excursion:

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Dear tourists, we offer you tours to the Strozzi family estate. You can choose the duration and the variation of the tour, which suits you the best. You can combine the excursion to the family estate with an excursion to San Gimignano. If you would like to visit San Gimignano, let us know in the comment section.

When adding a trip to San Gimignano to the tour, the minimum duration of the tour should not be less than 6 hours.

The price of the tour does not include the price of the museum excursions and the price of wine tasting, lunch with the family. If you wish to order these services, please activate this services in the order form when submitting your order.

The price of museum excursion and wine tasting is €35 – €50 per person, depending on the selected type of degustation.

The price of lunch with the family is €300 per person.

The tour duration is considered to be from the moment of departure from the meeting point indicated by you to the time of your arrival back. If the tour is extended €35 should be paid for each additional hour beyond the initial duration indicated when submitting the order.

Travel time

  • from Montecatini Terme to the Strozzi estate approximately 50 minutes depending, on the location of your hotel
  • from the Strozia estate to Montecatini Terme approximately 50 minutes depending, on the location of your hotel
  • from the Strozia estate to San Gimignano approximately 25 minutes
  • from San Gimignano to Montecatini Terme approximately 1 hour depending, on the location of your hotel


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