Excursion from Montecatini Terme to Siena and San Gimignano

Siena is one of the most interesting towns of Tuscany, as its facade remained unchanged for a couple of centuries. Wonderful architecture, traditions and distinctiveness of the town is valued and carefully preserved by its citizens. By visiting Siena, you can learn its history and get to know the interesting traditions of its residents. «PALIO» which is a bareback horse race held twice a year on the main square, has a special place in the life of Siena. All towns of Tuscany are wonderful, but Siena has a special charm.

San Gimignano is a town where you can immerse yourself into the atmosphere of Middle Ages, and we are glad to offer you a very interesting tour to the medieval Manhattan (the town of medieval skyscrapers). During your visit to this extraordinary ancient Manhattan, you will spend unforgettable time discovering the unique architecture, carefully preserved in the state as it was during the middle ages, and incredible Tuscan sceneries. Vineyards, olive groves, and cupressus alleys will stay in your heart forever. Gourmets can enjoy and appreciate the quality of the Tuscan cuisine and the noble wines by visiting one of the wineries, located 15 minutes away from San Gimignano. Everyone – both adults and kids love ice-cream, and you will get the chance to enjoy one of the best ice-creams in the world. It is especially relevant for tourists travelling with children.

Things to enjoy during this excursion:

The best ice-cream in the world. We suggest you to try one of the best ice-creams in the world, produced by Sergio Dondoli, one of the most famous gelato makers. Gelateria Sergio Dondoli offers a selection of more than 70 ice cream flavours. We suggest you to try Sergio’s exclusive ice-cream flavours. You can try plain ice-cream with gorgonzola cheese, saffron, bilberry, lavender, raspberry and rosemary, and even tomato flavoured ice-cream… And during the hot summer months, we would suggest you to try their sorbets made of pink grapefruit and champagne or the famous Vernaccia white wine. Learn more about Sergio Dondoli Gelateria here

Wine tasting together with a proper lunch or dinner will be a pleasure for true gourmets. You will be offered Vernaccia, Chianti, Chianti Classico, Brunello di Montalcino, Nobile and of course the Super Tuscan wines. When tasting wine, it’s important to start from the most complex and continue with the simple wines. At the winery, you will also be offered appetizers and meals matching the served wine type. For simple wines, you will be offered Tuscan appetizers which consist of cheese, prosciutto, salami and greens, and for more complex wines – Tuscan soup, lasagna and meat. For dessert – a wonderful dessert wine Vin Santo and cantuccini cookies.

Dear tourists, we offer you tours to the cities of Siena and  San Gimignano. You can choose the duration and the variation of the tour, which suits you the best.  You can explore the city independently or accompanied by a professional tour guide.

The price of the tour does not include the price of the professional tour guide services and the price of wine tasting with lunch or dinner. If you would like to order these services, please activate these services in the order form when submitting your order.

When ordering a tour with degustation and lunch or dinner, the minimum duration of the tour should not be less than 8 hours.

The price of the professional tour guide service in Siena and San Gimignano is €50 per hour. The minimum duration of the guided tour is two hours in each city.

The price of lunch or dinner at the winery with degustation of 10 -12 different wines (including Super Tuscan wines) is €35 per person

The tour duration is considered to be from the moment of departure from the meeting point indicated by you to the time of your arrival back. If the tour is extended €35 should be paid for each additional hour beyond the initial duration indicated when submitting the order.

Travel time

  • from Montecatini Terme to Siena approximately 1 hour 20 minutes, depending on the location of your hotel
  • from Siena to San Gimignano approximately 30 minutes
  • from San Gimignano to the winery in approximately 20 minutes
  • from the winery to Montecatini Terme approximately 1 hour 20 minutes, depending on the location of your hotel


Landmarks in Siena:

  • St. Dominic’s Cathedral
  • The Siena Cathedral
  • St. Catherine’s Monastery

Landmarks in San Gimignano:

  • There are three torture Museums in the city
  • Panoramic platform that allows you to enjoy the Tuscan landscape
  • The house of St. Finns
  • Cathedral of San Gimignano
  • St. Augustine’s Church
  • The Torre Grosso tower, which you can climb and enjoy views of the Chianti valley


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