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Taxi Lucca: Popular destinations from the nearest airport to Lucca. Taxi from the airport to the hotel, taxi from the hotel to the airport. On our website, it is very easy to order a Taxi – transfer service in Lucca, for this You only need 4 steps. Choose directions, choose a car, enter your personal details and pay for the order. You will be met by an English-speaking driver, based on your preference, and will be delivered in comfort to your destination.

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Book a tour of Lucca from Florence, Montecatini Terme, Viareggio and Forte dei Marmi can be found here

Lucca is a cozy, friendly city, known all over the world for its outstanding musicians and composers. The name of Giacomo Puccini is known all over the world. A great trace in the history of the city was left by the family of Napoleon Bonaparte. His younger sister, Eliza, ruled this wonderful city, bringing elements of the French style to its architecture. Lucca is often called Little Paris. After passing through one of the gates, a well-preserved fortress wall surrounding the old town, you will begin to get acquainted with Lucca. Nice cozy streets, beautiful squares and majestic cathedrals, acquaintance with the interesting history of Lucca, which was the first capital of Tuscany, will leave their mark on Your memory.

Lucca ⇄ Rome, Lucca ⇄ Siena, Lucca ⇄ Pisa,

Lucca ⇄ Forte dei Marmi, Lucca ⇄ Viareggio,

Lucca ⇄ Montecatini Terme, Lucca ⇄ Bologna,

Lucca ⇄ Florence ⇄ Livorno, Lucca ⇄ San Gimignano,

Lucca ⇄ Venice, Lucca ⇄ Milan.

We guarantee punctuality of the driver, he will meet You at the appointed time without delay, we respect Your desire to get a high-quality service, you can rely on us. If you would like to book an hourly car rental with a driver in Lucca, we have a great offer and schedule for a multi-day car rental with a driver. Lucca is a unique city in Italy, it is completely surrounded by fortress walls that protected it from enemies as well as from floods. At the beginning of the 19th century the architect Lorenzo Nottolini transformed the walls into a beautiful Boulevard, planted in several rows of magnificent plane trees.

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