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Tour from Florence to San Galgano Abbey

Tour from Florence to San Galgano Abbey

Sword in the stone, San Glgano
Sword in the stone, San Glgano

In 1148 in a noble family of Siena Guidotti, a boy, Galgano Guidotti, was born. The family has not been able to have children, and parents of Galgano turned their prayers to the Archangel Michael. Their prayers were answered: God gave them a son. When the bot became older, he became a knight and took part in many battles. He earned military glory together with heartache. In war he had to kill and so he took the lives of many people. Once in a dream he saw the Archangel Michael, he took the reins of his horse, and took it to a hill nearby the forest. In the morning, Galgano jumped on his horse and went to the hill he saw in a dream. He stopped in front of the stone, and he wanted to break his sword on the stone, but the stone was opened and took a sword in. It struck Galgano, he fall on his knees and began to pray fervently.

Taxi transfer to San Galgano
Taxi transfer to San Galgano

Galgano left his family, gave away all of his possessions and became a hermit. He built a small hut, lived in poverty and prayed, helping the sick, healing the possessed. With his humility Galgano gained the respect, and disciples reached out to him. Later, they found him dead, kneeling in front of a sword. It was in 1181. Four years after his death he was canonized, and on the place of his death they began to build an abbey.

There is no agreement on the place of Galgano’s grave, some believe that the sword in the stone became his tomb. Modern research has shown that under the stone there is a rectangular cavity, but no one dares to pull the sword from the stone. Now, the stone with a sword stuck in it covered with a transparent cap, and is available for viewing tour.

Abbey of San Galgano is situated 30 km from Siena. One can only reach the abbey by a car.

Cost of the tour to San Galgano Abbey


The price includes a transfer Florence - Abbey of San Galgano.
During the tour you will be accomponied with the driver.
The price does not include the cost of tickets to museums and cathedrals, lunch and dinner in the restaurant, service of professional guide.
Service of professional guide must be ordered in advance and paid separately.
You can combine a tour to San Galgano Abbey with a guided tour to Siena and Greve in Chianti.

Tour Price
Tour to San Galgano Abbey (4 hours) 150€
Tour to San Galgano Abbey and Siena (6 hours) 250€
Tour to San Galgano Abbey, Siena and Greve in Chianti. 350€
Tour to San Galgano Abbey, Siena, Greve in Chianti and dinner in the rustic restaurant 350€

By combining a tour of the Abbey of San Galgano with a visit to Siena, you will save 80 €.
The cost of the tour includes a combined maximum of 8 working hours of the driver, each additional hour is paid at the rate of 20 € per hour. The maximum number of people is 7.

Make a reservation for San Galgano Abbey with a visit to Siena 10 days in advance and get a 10% discount.
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