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What is the minimum time in advance one can order services of Italy transfer group?
You can order a transfer at least 4 hours before the intended trip. To receive the most quality service, we recommend that you make a reservation in advance.
How to order a taxi in Florence?
To order a taxi online in Florence, you can contact us by phone, email, Viber and WhatsApp. Let us know the time, place and date of your arrival. We also need information about the number of passengers, amount of luggage, if there is a need for child safety seats. We will also ask for your name and contact number.
We had unexpected change of plans, it is possible to cancel the booking?
JIf you encounter any difficulties, you can cancel your reservation by notifying us via e-mail at least 2 hours prior to intended trip.
Our flight was delayed. What should we do?
You should notify us about a flight delay by contacting us via phone or email, so that we could rearange the schedule. We kindly requested you to inform us about the flight delay as quickly as possible.
How will we meet with the driver at the airport?
The driver will meet you at the airport’s arrivals area with a sign, which will indicate your name. There is only one exit from the airport for arrivials, thus it is impossible for us not to meet.
If it is necessary, can we change the route of the selected tour or transfer?
If you want to change the route of your tour or transfer, please contact us by e-mail, and we arrange the change. If you decide to change the route of your tour or transfer as you are touring with Italy Transfer Group, you can agree on any changes with the driver. If the change of the route will result in increasing in the distance of the trip or will take more time, the cost of the trip may increase.
How will we meet with the driver at the port?
Our cars have special passes that allow us to drive to the pier at the side of the liner. Our driver will meet you with a sign with your name on it.
What so I do if I cannot find the driver?
If there are any unforeseen circumstances and you can not find the driver, please call us using the number listed on your voucher.
What if our flight is canceled?
You should notify us about a flight delay by phone, e-mail, Viber and WhatsApp, so that we could rearange the schedule. If your flight is canceled, we will cancel your order or move it to the requested date.
Are your vehicles equipped with child seats?
All of our vehicles can be equipped with child seats (for no extra charge). If you are traveling with small children whose height is below 1.5 m, seats for children are needed. When making an order, specify the age and height of the child. Then, for your trip we will equip the car with the appropriate car seat.
Can there be other passengers in our car during the transfer?
No. We will arrange the transfer only for you or your group.
Are there any hidden extra costs?
There are extra costs, you only need to pay the full amount that is stated in the voucher. You can only be charged more if you will request changes in the route that will result in changed distance, time or number of passengers.
Do I need to tip the driver?
Tipping the driver is neither required nor prohibited. Thus, you may tip the driver if you want to.
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